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Safe & Found offre la massima tranquillità quando si tratta di sicurezza e protezione della famiglia

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Safe & Found provides families with peace of mind when it comes to family safety and security. In a single app, parents can keep an eye on the location of each member of the family’s device and monitor and manage digital content on each child’s device.
Simply, we want you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying family life.

- Everyone is covered and protected: available for ALL family members on any iOS or Android smartphone and tablet, even Wi-Fi only devices.

- Adding new family members is easy, works with devices from other mobile providers: virtually anyone and anywhere in the world with a device that has internet service, not just Boost customers not just the Boost Network

- Always know where your family members are: by locating their device in real time, create and modify safety locations like home, schools, soccer field, with auto-notification of when a family member enters or leaves a safety area

- Remotely locate and retrieve your family’s devices in case they are lost or stolen: ring the phone, lock it or wipe its content

- Safety first: the convenient SOS button that allows you to immediately send important alerts to all family members at once

- You are in full control of your family’s digital content: manage and restrict installs of new apps and schedule and block usage of already installed apps and games

- Protect everyone from unwanted callers with ability to restrict incoming email and calls

- Enjoy Safe and Found on us until your next monthly payment date. Service is $7/mo billed to your Boost account, which will cover a Family of up to 5 total devices (the other 4 devices do not have to be on a Boost account, and there is no additional charge for those devices). You may opt out of the billed service at any time.

- This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
It does so to enable the usage of phone security functionalities as remote lock and wipe in the case the phone is lost or stolen. These functionalities are only available to the account owner.

- To use the Wear OS companion application, you must have the mobile application installed on the device paired with your watch

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